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Innovative small, portable and user-friendly instrument for monitoring nanodroplets and aerosols.


Innovative and patent protected nanotubes and nanowires based on molybdenum.

Our miniaturized sensor for nanoparticles is based on the detection of the time-dependent capacitance. The measured change of the capacitance is caused by the impact of a nanoparticle covered with condensed water, to the water situated in the sensor. The impact of the nanoparticle, causes a crater in the water, which causes the change in the capacitance. A proof-of-concept was already demonstrated, patented (US 9,151,724 B2), and published in peer reviewed journals.
Our sensor can be used for: (1) Air Quality: Measuring the distribution and size of aerosols in indoor air; (2) Medical: Testing of inhaler-dosed drugs; (3) Meteorology: Analysis of droplet size in the atmosphere. 

We are interested in partnering with Industry or Academia / Research to further develop the technology. We are also interested in pilot projects with organizations with access to potential users and use cases for our innovative and portable air quality measurement device.